What’s in season: JUNE

From juicy peaches to beautiful crunchy cabbage, this seasonal produce guide with recipe suggestions will inspire you to eat fresh and as seasonally as possible throughout the month of JUNE.

The warm weather is heating up guys… well at least here in Southern Europe. Did you notice how colorful seasonal fruits and veggies hijacked the markets? YES, I love June for that. SO many fruits and veggies are at its peak in June. That means extra flavor, extra crunch, extra juiciness. It’s hard to pick which one to eat first.

Eating seasonal means eating HEALTHY… and it makes a lot of sense. Not only is it cheaper, but the fruit and veggies generally taste a whole lot better! So here’s what’s in season this June. 





USA only



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Seasonal Produce Guide What’s in Season JUNE is a collection of the best fruits, veggies, and recipes for the month of June. #SUMMER #SPRING #SEASONAL #FRUITS #VEGGIES #GUIDE natalieshealth.com 


  1. This is awesome and super convenient! I’ll be checking back in the coming months for updates!

  2. So many beautiful fruit and veggies in Summer months, I’m so excited about them all! 😀

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