What’s in season: OCTOBER

From juicy pomegranates to immune boosting broccoli, this seasonal produce guide with recipe ideas will inspire you to eat fresh and as seasonally as possible throughout the month OCTOBER.

I’m a promoter of a healthy diet and for me eating healthy means eating seasonally and locally grown foods. Eating seasonal produce will reward you with many benefits – from savings in the family budget to high quality produce packed with nutrition. To make easier for you to plan your meals as well as make grocery list, I made this seasonal produce GUIDE. 

Autumn has arrived and with it a variety of fall fruits and veggies that you can enjoy throughout the season. Here’s what’s in season this OCTOBER. Check out the linked fruits and vegetables below for recipe ideas. Enjoy! 😉







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Seasonal Produce Guide What’s in Season OCTOBER is a collection of the best fruits, veggies, and recipes for the month of September. #FALL #SEASONAL #FRUITS #VEGGIES #GUIDE | natalieshealth.com

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  1. We all need to promote our individual health with more healthy choices in food. You reminded us of the fruits and vegetables available at this in this season that we could capitalize on to this end.. This post is relevant to me as I am trying to make healthier meal choices in order address some weight issues. Thanks for sharing.

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