My Summer Morning Routine

The key to making your mornings run more smoothly is by creating a morning routine that works for you. If you’re looking for a way to create your own morning routine, read on. Here’s my SUMMER morning routine that sets me up to have healthiest, happiest day – every day!

I believe we all work a lot. Our lives are accelerated at a faster pace than ever before. For the vast majority of us, everyday life is pretty hectic. Running the house, the kids, taking care of our pets, cooking, cleaning, going to work, socialize… It’s all very stressful, and it literally drains our health out of us. Without a balance, our body suffers. We can get seriously physically ill, and our mental health is in jeopardy too.

That’s why I can’t emphasize more the importance of incorporating a healthier diet and exercising in your daily routine. But also finding an inner mental balance and serenity.

Why do we need a Morning Routine?

Mornings are especially important for our well-being. Did you know that the first hour of the morning is crucial? How you spend it and what you do in the morning can determine your experience for the rest of your day.

Healthy breakfast fuels our body with needed nutrients. Exercising boost up our energy level which makes us more productive. Positive morning affirmation brings the peace and clarity to the most stressed mind and the most anxious heart.

Finding the time for yourself in the morning can be a bit challenging especially if you have kids and family. But I believe is entirely doable if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your time to create the morning routine and make it a habit.

How having a Morning Routine has helped me

A lot is going on both professionally and personally in my life for last few years. I’ve been very busy with family business and now with blogging. I also have a family. Not a big one, just the three of us + four cockatiel birds but I’ve set out this morning routine for myself, and it’s something I find very beneficial for my health. It improves my productivity and brings the calmness in my crazy life.

I’ve been practicing these morning rituals for past two years and I can say that since I developed this morning routine, I become more morning person. 

My Summer Morning Routine

My morning routine changes from season to season, so I like to adjust my morning routine for the time of the year. Here’s my summer morning routine:

I wake up 10 minutes earlier – I wake up easily… I have my alarm set, so it doesn’t shock me awake. It’s set to a soothing music that peacefully wakes me up and allows me to go from sleep to awareness gently. My alarm is set to wake me 10 minutes earlier, so I don’t have to jump out of bed as soon as I wake up. I use this extra time to just lie in bed in silence. I try to be aware of my body and feel grateful for another beautiful day ahead. I practice positive affirmations techniques which set me in a happy, positive mood. I always wake up before my husband and my kid. I leave them to sleep until breakfast is ready. That gives me the quiet “me” time.

I stretch – I begin stretching while I’m still lying down in my bed and I continue while sitting on my bed. I try to stretch every extremity for few seconds. Sometimes I also do gentle self-massage to my shoulders and my neck. Massage and stretching improve circulation and promotes body/mind balance.

I drink water – As soon as I get out of bed, I drink a glass of water. Drinking water replaces fluids lost during the night and jumpstarts hydration for the day. Sometimes I add few drops of lemon and a bit of fresh ginger. This spikes up my energy level and improves nutrient absorption in the stomach.

I exercise – I’m not much a fitness type. I can’t do jumping jacks nor squads right in the morning. I’m more yoga/steady type of person. So I spread my yoga mat and do my morning yoga sequence. I usually begin with few minutes of meditation – a few simple deep breath in – breath out followed with cat/cow pose, warming up my lower back. Then I do a few rounds of Sun Salutation – 15 minutes tops. This gets my blood pumping and elevates my metabolism. Also, it boosts my energy levels. Sometimes when when if I skipped my evening run, instead of morning yoga, I go out and do my run. After exercising I always take a shower. That way I feel refreshed and ready for my breakfast. I use natural organic skincare products that nourish my skin.

Here’s few products that I use daily:

We eat a wholesome breakfast – Till breakfast, my family is awake too. We all sit at the kitchen table and have breakfast. Breakfast is the most important and definitely my favorite meal of the day. My body craves nutrients in the morning, and I gladly comply. We NEVER skip breakfast. EVER! Our breakfast consists of simple, whole foods, fresh fruits, and veggies, depending on the season. I feel that there’s no room for excuses here. The key to mastering morning breakfast is preparation. And good time management. Simple as that.

Here are few my go-to breakfast options, feel free to copy me:

Grits + fruits + seeds
Soft/hard boiled eggs + whole grain toast + veggies
Homemade granola + fruits
Overnight oats + fruits
Cottage Cheese + veggies + whole grain toast
Veggie omelet (if time permits)

You can find more inspiration for healthy breakfast meals here.

My morning routine also includes cuddling with my kid and husband. Those moments sends a quiet surge of joy through my entire day and are most precious moments in my life.

How to create a Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine is all about establishing good daily habits and committing to them. Start with listing the things that you need to do every morning – like making a bed, dressing the kids, taking a dog for a walk. Then integrate things you would like to do in the morning – like exercising, having a breakfast, meditate.

Don’t try to implement all things at once. Health and wellness are something that is built over time. Find the morning routine that works for you and slowly ease into to it. That will help in forming a healthy habit.

I suggest you trade your snooze button and early morning Facebook/Instagram/email session for a routine or ritual that will make your day healthier and happier.

Now that you’ve heard about my morning routine, let me hear about yours in the comments. Share with me, what’s you favorite thing to do in the morning? Do you have a morning routine? 



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  1. Once I set my morning routine I seemed to have life under control a bit better.

  2. I really need to start exercising in the morning again!!

  3. I love routine posts! I love the idea of the 10 minute earlier alarm (I just worry I would fall asleep!). Look forward to more!

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