Monday Motivation #37

You are definitely NOT your scale weight and your body weight is definitely NOT the only measure of your health. Being healthy is so much more – healthy comes in all different shapes, sizes, and body weights. So be kind to yourself, EAT HEALTHY and lead ACTIVE lifestyle. If you put your HEALTH in focus, everything else will naturally follow.

 Monday Motivation. Don't let the scale define you. Be ACTIVE. Eat HEALTHY. Be HAPPY.

Hi, there lovely people. It was a long time since I did a Monday quote. Honestly, I missed sharing my positive energy with you through these Motivation Monday posts.

Today I have a GREAT quote. And here’s why this is my favorite one.

A few years back, I was obese. I was unhealthy. I was unhappy. My starting weight was so scary and so terrifying for me – it blocked me for doing something about it for a LONG time. And during that “not-doing-anything-about-it” time I only gained even more weight. Because I was so unhappy – with my weight, my look, my HEALTH condition. I was in a loop. When I finally realized that my health is in serious danger, that was the turning point for me. I needed to change my life. This time for real. The scale will frighten me no more. Nor the numbers will discourage me.

During weight loss, weighting can be really tricky. You see, weight loss is a process. One week you may lose a few pounds but then next few weeks scale may not move not a bit – that’s THE WORSE. Especially if you’re doing everything “by the book”. It affects you psychically. Screws your motivation. You may even gain back a pound or so. Oh, what a nightmare.

BUT everything isn’t that horrible nor bad!!!

During my weight loss transformation, I regularly weigh myself to track progress but I was NEVER obsessed with numbers. I was more focused on my body – how it’s changing, feeling, reacting. I was more focused on ME. I was aiming to lose weight but more than that I was aiming to get my HEALTH and my LIFE BACK.

I’ve learned something from my previous failed attempts to lose weight. Don’t take everything tragically. And don’t be a pussy. Losing weight is a tough process but use your brain. THINK logically. Learn. Adapt. CONTINUE TO MOVE ON. Push harder if it’s necessary. Lose back if needed.

Why I’ve succeeded this time but failed so many times before? Because this time I give myself a TIME. I was easy on myself when it was needed and pushed myself when I knew it was necessary. I knew that if I continue to eat healthily and be active my weight will go down. I constantly educated myself about nutrition, healthier lifestyle. I’ve adapted my diet when I felt it was needed. I pushed harder in workouts when I felt I can do more. I knew that sooner or later I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. I was in no hurry nor impatient. SO I just kept everything relaxed and enjoyed my transformation. I was being happy in this process. But mostly grateful.

So it came the day when I stood on that scale and I was like 6 to 10 pounds above my “optimal” weight – according to BMI. I was looking at the numbers but I felt GREAT in my body! I seriously felt I hit my optimal weight right there – even with these excess pounds. So I gave my doctor a visit. He did physical exam and tests were amazing. For me that was IT. I finally hit my goal weight.

There is no need to obsess over your scale weight. Healthy comes in all different shapes, sizes, and body weights. My HEALTHY weight doesn’t have to be YOUR HEALTHY weight. My body shape isn’t perfect, but it’s HEALTHY for ME. For someone is ok to have 5 or 10 pounds extra. For some, it isn’t – in terms of HEALTH. I learned it’s important to judge scale weight only by its interference with health.

So stop comparing yourself to others. In a world obsessed with fad diets, 3% body fat, and images that are generally misleading be SMARTER. Appearance is no measure of a healthy body. Nor the scale number. Just please keep in mind, if you’re 20+, 50+, 70+ or 100+ pounds overweight, you’re NOT HEALTHY. You need to LOSE that weight. You’re NOT HAPPY nor you’ll be happy until you truly start to live a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. And a healthier lifestyle will make those pounds melt down

Remember, don’t let the scale define you. You are a good person, a beautiful person no matter the weight. But if you’ll start being more ACTIVE and if you stop eating junk and turn to HEALTHY diet, soon you’ll feel so much better – happier. It will give you more confidence and you will burts wit positivity and good energy.

Until next time, stay HAPPY and healthy.

Xoxo, Natalie

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