Motivation monday #6

Hi, guys! Happy new week to you all!

It’s motivational Monday again. It’s time to get you inspired and boosted for the new week ahead. Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 Last two weeks I was offline. I took a little vay-cay break. That’s why I didn’t post my Motivational Monday posts. Buuuu 😛 Since my “doing nothing” days are over, I’m back online writing delicious recipes and motivational posts.

Today is a very special day for me, a kind of anniversary so I wanted to share this with you guys 🙂 Exactly two years ago I decided to change my life – I started eating healthier and live the healthier lifestyle. The beginning was really hard because I didn’t know much about healthy eating or cooking. Also, I had to change my whole lifestyle, exit my comfort zone which was particularly challenging. There were ups and downs in the beginning, but my goal was always straight, and I never lost my focus – I wanted to be healthier, to feel better and be happier. Even when it was most difficult, I didn’t give up and even my smallest progress and positive change motivated me even more.
The decision I made two years ago completely changed my life. And this is what has changed in the last two years living a healthy lifestyle. Today:

  • I eat minimally processed foods.
  • I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I eat seasonally.
  • I consume only healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, etc.).
  • I don’t eat processed meats (salami, store bought sausages, pâté, etc.).
  • I don’t consume refined sugars and white flour produce.
  • I eat high-quality lean protein and watch the intake of unnecessary fat.
  • I eat whole wheat produce that is full of fibers and enriched with other nutrients.
  • I prepare my own meals. That way I control what I put in our body.
  • I use a lot of spices that contribute to my health – ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, etc.
  • I don’t drink store bought soda drinks and juices.
  • I eat healthy snacks.
  • I prepare my own desserts and sweets made from healthy ingredients.
  • I eat several smaller but well-balanced meals a day.
  • I eat mindfully.
  • I’m more active. I do a lot of walking. I practice yoga and run.

The result, in two years, is a significant physical change. I’ve lost 100+ pounds, and I’m much much healthier. Read the whole story How I lost 100+ pounds with healthy eating here

How I lost 100+ pounds with healthy eating. CLIK to read or PIN for later |

Losing all that weight brought me a better quality of life in many ways. It’s easier for me to walk now. I don’t feel lower back pain and my knees don’t hurt anymore. I can be more active with my family, and I can do everyday activities with more ease. Daily healthy balanced diet gives me a lot of energy, and it also affects my skin, hair, and nails, which are now in much better shape than before. All this improved my confidence. Today I’m much happier person, pleased with myself, and I do laugh more which everyone around me notice 🙂

My healthy lifestyle affected my whole family. I’m particularly proud that today my entire family eats healthily and live healthy with me. Also every day I’m giving my child good example, and I teach him about healthy habits that he will hopefully pass on to his family one day. My lifestyle change affected my friends too, but also many of you readers. Many of you followed my example and achieved success. This is precisely the reason why I started writing this blog, and I am glad that my message reached so many of you 🙂

Healthy is my lifestyle now. It’s what’s makes me happy. I feel how this decision every day has a positive effect on me. I never dreamed that I would feel this good 🙂 And to all of you out there who are still unsure and “thinking about it”, my message to you today is that nothing is impossible. Set yourself a goal – a healthier and happier you. You have the power in you to sculpt yourself into what you want to become.


I send you lots of kisses. Till next Monday…



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