Motivation Monday #22

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Hi, peeps. Happy Monday and happy new week to you all. 🙂 I’ve been offline for quite some time. Three weeks to be exact. I’m back now and ready to motivate you like I always do on Mondays. Are you ready!? Of course, you are!

Those who follow my Motivation Monday posts probably know that me and my family, we planned to move to another city this August, before school starts. Well, I can happily announce that we finally DID IT! After much thinking, rethinking, planning and preparing we’ve DID IT. Now that we are settled, we can get started with our new lives. And that’s why I was offline for the past three weeks. I took some time off blogging to dedicate myself to arranging our new, and I hope, better life in the BIG city.

It was pretty hectic these last few weeks. We had to move all our private stuff to a new larger apartment, to renovate some rooms and to buy new household stuff. But that’s not all. We also had to move our company’s stuff – to find a new place to work and then transfer all our stuff to new city office. All that before school started this week.

I had fears of changing. I doubted all my decisions. But now that we settled in this new apartment I honestly can’t remember why did I had these doubts in the first place. We pulled everything off. It was stressful. It was challenging. But now I feel like it was easier than I initially thought. Thank God for our wonderful family and friends who so heartily helped us and welcomed us in the new city.

I guess we are capable of achieving many things. We are so much STRONGER than we think. We just need to believe in ourselves and don’t let second thoughts or fears make us quit what we started. You and I both need to keep going and keep our minds POSITIVE. And ask for HELP if we need one. Many doors opens just with one word.

So today I’m making this note to myself… and for all of you. Stop DOUBTING yourself. WORK HARD and MAKE things HAPPEN. You can change your life. Nothing is undoable. Everything is POSSIBLE.

Stay happy and healthy. See you next Monday!



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  1. Working hard is the way to go. You don’t get anything without it

  2. This is message I really needed right now! At this moment, I am going through some big changes in my life. There are some doubts about succes and rightousness of my decisnions comming up to my mind, but your motivation message really inspired me to keep going! Thank you 😊

    • Just trust yourself Mirela. Trust your decisions. And DO IT! Start the change… And if things don’t goes the way you thought or planned, ADAPT and move on or CHANGE again. Make sure you STAY POSITIVE all the time! Don’t let fear paralyze you and block you. We are truly capable of achieving so many great things.

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