Motivation Monday #21

Hi, peeps! Happy (hot and sunny) new week to you all. Can you believe it’s Monday again ALREADY? Can someone please STOP Mondays from coming. Only a few Mondays left until schools start. Noessss… BUT Monday also means a new episode of GOT. OMG so excited! Heheh 😉

Anyway, Monday is here, and again I’m here to blab a little about my past week and to give you a POSITIVE push, a MOTIVATION for this brand new week.

How was your last week guys? Was it productive? Did you exercise daily, eat healthy all week? How was your weekend?

My week was productive. Well, not as productive as I hoped – I’m still recovering from my exhaustion from two weeks ago, but still pretty ok. I used this weekend to relax and for continue to recharge my batteries. I have big moving coming in just two weeks (eek).

I’ve published motivation post, like every Monday. I’m inspired daily by so many things. I gladly pass a bit of my positivity to you guys. Last week I also did a post about seasonal produce for month AUGUST. It’s always good to have a guide, don’t you agree?! Plus, I’ve made this amazing, so juicy and refreshing Pineapple Cucumber Salad that you totally need to check it out. + I’ve cooked all week all HEALTHY meals for my family and me. Well, mostly salads and easy meals cause temperatures are mad here in Mediterranean (southern) Europe. As for my workouts, I slacked with running. I felt bad because I didn’t do my usual mileage. But then I realized I don’t have a reason to feel bad. Any workout is better than NO workout.

The thing I wanna talk a bit today is something about Gary said on FB yesterday that really cached my eye. He said: “Positivity wins, optimism wins, happiness wins… I wish more people could go the other way where in a “bad day” they could focus on the one “win” the “positive” in that day that allowed it to be a “good day.”

It’s SO TRUE. We often allow one “bad” decision, one “bad” choice – a “bad” meal or one missed workout ruin all we did well that day or that week. We let this ruin our overall progress sometimes. We allow negativity to poison our mind and to stumble our POSITIVITY and our HAPPINESS.

I’ve heard so many people nag (ON DAILY BASIS) “I overeat with “bad” food today,” “I’ve skipped my workout, again.” “I couldn’t resist that chocolate cake”… And then they feel bad. They feel discouraged and let NEGATIVITY takes place. Negativity overpowers their whole day and drags them down.

I say – SO WHAT! That doesn’t make you bad nor the loser, nor quitter. Don’t let that ONE “bad” decision ruin all you’ve accomplished so far. Don’t beat yourself up. That “mistake” doesn’t define who you are. Just accept and MOVE ON. You need to stay positive in your head NO MATTER WHAT. Think about what you have accomplished so far. Look where are you now just from few weeks ago. Negative thoughts don’t have to be accepted…they’re just thoughts. We can all train our minds to ignore the negative and turn to the positive.

I had a negativity bomb dropped in my life last week – a HUGE one. It was a negativity overload in a second. But I didn’t let that ruin my whole day. Nor the day after, nor my week. I decided to not OVERTHINK to much about it – what happened happened. I took some time to think about it and learn from that experience. I decided to BELIEVE in myself. I basically chewed that s** up, digested it and pooped it out. I MOVED ON. I continued to feel HAPPY and POSITIVE. It’s exactly what you should do to if negativity bomb drops on you. 

Look for positive things in each day, in everything you do. Some days you MAY need to look a little harder for that positivity, but that CHALLENGE will make you stronger!

Stay happy and healthy. See you next Monday!



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  1. Yes, I love this! I always try to focus on the positive because there’s always something, no matter how small. Bad things, poor choices, and negativity all happen, but they aren’t all that happens.

  2. I really need to work on positive. I had knee surgery Friday and being laid up is KILLING me. Oy. But… at least I have someone who takes amazing care of me.

  3. This is such a great Monday motivator quote! Hope you have a great week! 🙂

  4. I needed this, especially on what is a dark and gloomy Monday here in the UK. I sometimes find myself focusing on the little and not the large – it dampens my mood and can end up ruining my entire, otherwise fab, day. I need to work more consciously on positivity. Thanks!

  5. This is one of my favorite messages. Start the day with gratitude and positivity and your day is already off to a great start!

  6. It’s SO important to focus on the positive. It can be super difficult when something bad happens, but it’s amazing how focusing on the good can totally change up your day! Thanks for the lovely motivation today! Happy Monday 🙂

  7. i really enjoy these Monday positive thoughts..keep them coming. hope you have a lovely week.

  8. I try very hard to keep a positive outlook, even when I’m having a bad day. Now, having said that, sometimes I like to take a day to wallow in my own self-pity. I usually end up feeling much better the next day. 🙂

  9. Some days it is harder to find the good but it’s there

  10. Thanks for the wonderful motivational quote and the inspirational post. I’m guilty of letting a few “bad things” spoil an entire day, so I really needed this helpful reminder!

  11. You can really train yourself to see things in a more positive way! It’s all in your attitude!

  12. “I basically chewed that s** up, digested it and pooped it out.” –> dying, definitely my favorite line in this post 🙂 But your message is so true; it’s so important to get rid of negativity and focus on the positive stuff.

  13. When it feels like you have to look a little harder is often times when you need to look for the positive the most.

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