Motivation Monday #19

Hello, my friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy new Monday and brand new week to you all. How was your last week? Did you exercise daily, eat healthy all week? Have you done all the things you’ve planned? How was your weekend?

My week was very productive, and my weekend relaxing. I did so many things last week. All that was on my to do list. Yey! I love finishing the week with all things marked done. Great feeling, right?! Makes you enjoy your weekend even more. 

I’ve published motivation post like I do every Monday. Also, I did a post about how to squeeze healthy lifestyle into a busy schedule. Plus, I made this amazing, delicious, sooo refreshing Raspberry Peach Ginger Slushie you totally need to check it out. + I cooked all week all HEALTHY meals for my husband and me (kiddo was at grandmas for the whole week), and we even find time to leisure watching a new season of GOT and Logan movie! OMG so excited about new episode GOT tonight.

I didn’t do all my runnings. Yeah, I know… blah. My back pain is killing me, so I skipped two of my runs but boosted yoga workouts and stretching to ease lower back pain. I feel like I can get on track this week. And I plan to do just that.

Last week I talked about ways to live healthy even if you have a busy schedule. I gave you some tips how to lead a healthier life by making time to exercise, prepare healthy meals, stocking your pantry. I ended up my post with one of my favorite quotes. And today I decided to talk a little more about MAKING TIME.

Ok, so the day lasts only 24 hours, and we don’t have the ability to control the time it self. As soon as I accepted that fact, everything started to fit better in my life. For a long time, I felt like time has control over me. When I felt like I’m running out of time to do things meant to do in a day, I was frustrated. I even had panic attacks. I decided to start looking TIME from another angle. I accepted the fact that I have only 24 hours in a day from which I sleep at least 8 hours. Which means I have only 16 hours to be productive, to get all things done in one day.

So I have this list of all things I WANT, or I HAVE TO DO in a week (I usually make plans for the week ahead and note monthly important to do’s), so I just make a plan, and then I sort my priorities. I usually do this on Sunday evening or early Mondays.

My day is usually divided into sections: time for my family, time for work, time for exercise, time for doing housework, time for myself, etc. I plan my meals; I plan things I have to do at work, I plan things to do with my family (ok I still suck at this, but I’m working on it). In the meantime, my husband sets his plans, and then we share our plans and simply synchronize schedules. We divide tasks among each other and things that are priorities are the first and always most important. Of course, we both are very flexible, so if something unexpected came up (and things tend to pop up when you least expected), we try to handle it without much stress. If I don’t get to exercise in the evening, I just reschedule running for mornings. No biggy.

I hear so many times people say “I don’t have time to exercise,” “I don’t have time to do meal preps,” “I don’t have time to think about what I should or shouldn’t eat, to LEARN to eat better or try to LIVE HEALTHIER.” It’s understandable for one person not to have time for everything. I understand that one person can be overloaded with everyday living. But then I hear those same people saying they spent hours in front of the TV watching the favorite show or drinking coffee with friends. In that kind of scenario, exercise, preparing healthy meals every day, working on own healthiness and happiness just isn’t a priority for that individual. Their excuses are the defense mechanism, which gives them a false sense of comfort. We use excuses as a way to feel better about ourselves, even when we know we haven’t always done the right thing. 

I believe that people just don’t understand the concept of TIME. Many are frustrated and time is controlling them.

Time is precious – YES. We can’t control time and once it’s lost it’s lost forever – YES. But we don’t need to panic nor moan over that fact. What we can do with the time that is given to us it’s important. Keep in mind that being flexible and lead BALANCED life is important too. If your priorities are your family, your HEALTH, and HAPPINESS, then you should just fit that in your life somewhere! PERIOD!

Hugs and kisses. See you next Monday!



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  1. I’ve definitely started to think about time more with that philosophy. I mean we’re always going to be busy, and if we make time for all that work, we should also be making time for loved ones. P.s. that slushie sounds amazing.

  2. I used to blow of exercising because I just couldn’t get it done in the morning. We are self employed and there are things that have to be done. Recently though, I started giving myself grace and now workout before I eat lunch. It’s working out great. I’m making time for it, but on my time.. not someone else’s!

  3. I am certainly a list maker and it really helps me to prioritize all that I’d like to do in a week

  4. Yes, definitely need to make time for the most important things, and you’re right, there often is time. I can just say no to facebook!

  5. I have eventually learned how to make time and manage it all. Took me some time to figure it all out but once you do life is a whole lot better.

    • That’s great to hear Julie. I still need to learn more about time management but I’m definitely much more productive last few years since I figured time out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. So true Natalie, we consciously need to make time for healthy lifestyle habits, otherwise we will find endless excuses to procrastinate. Great reminder for the start of a new week!

  7. What we do with the time that we have is important. I agree with you that it’s not that we don’t have enough time, it’s because we don’t make time. We’re just too overwhelmed with all the things we have to do versus the things want to do that we fail to plan properly. It’s important to set aside time to identify all these things and plan accordingly. Thanks for writing, Natalie! ๐Ÿ™‚

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