Motivation Monday #18

Hi, peeps! Happy new Monday to you all. 

A brand new week just started, and it’s FULL of new opportunities. What do you say we GRAB this new possibilities, and we do something good with ourselves this week. Something that will make us feel better and proud in the future? Yeah! But before we start with grabbing and smashing new week, let me hear you… How was your week? Have you turned your vacay mode ON or are you still working (like me)? How did you spend your weekend?

My week was super productive – on my blog and in real life (I have real life… sort of!). I’ve done so many things. I’m amazed how much I did last week. I keep pushing things harder, and I totally like the results I’m seeing. 

I’ve done all my runnings last week… Yeey for that! I feel fantastic about it, and I’m loaded with energy. Still, I need to work on that lower back pain I feel from too much sitting by the desk. I just need to do more yoga for lower back. If you have any suggestions for other workouts I could do, I would love to hear from you. I’ve published motivation post on Monday. I did a post about My Summer Routine, which you guys really liked it so I’ll keep writing. AND I’ve published this amazing Blueberry Smoothie you totally need to check it out if you haven’t already. + I cooked all week all HEALTHY meals for my family and me (just the quick tip: the secret is in planning) and we did spend some quality time together as the family (not as much as I would like, but we’re working on it). 

The only blah thing that happened last week was the definite decision we (my hubby and me) made to skip this summer family vacation. Buuuu!!! I’m kinda sad because I won’t have time to relax with my family by the sea nibbling summer beach snacks, BUT the reasons for giving up on leisure this year are pretty reasonable. In less than a month we are moving to a new apartment, to another city – Zagreb. It’s a capital city of Croatia and it’s a huge HUGE CHANGE for all of us.

For me, it means returning to my hometown, but I’ve lived here in this small city (a village actually) for the past ten years. I got used to this small-town life. So when we first started to talk about moving (a half year ago), I had this FEAR OF CHANGING my life. 

My fears blocked me completely. I doubted everything, even all the GOOD things that await us in the new town – like better schooling for my son, more family activities for us, better business opportunities for my husband, better social life, my mom and dad, my brother, and all my old friends. Not to mention new opportunities for me and my business. Everything is more available in the big city. Ok, it has its negative sides too, I’m well aware of that – a lot more people, hectic city life, new/old neighborhood, new people I don’t know… I will need to change or adapt my schedule, my daily routines. It’s more a pain than a real trouble… and that’s why my mind is blocking. He dosn’t like change so much.

So I made the list… I put all the GOOD things and the BAD ones on that list. I read it thoroughly, and I decided to stop fearing of this change and stop overthinking what may go wrong. I’ve decided to think more POSITIVE about all this change that is about to happen. I’ve also decided to let things happen one step at the time.

In all this “fear of change” situation that was blocking me, I’ve realized few things….

  • I’ll never have ALL the information I need to make a “right” decision. I did my research, I’ve made PROS & CONS list, I’m well aware of important positive and negative sides. But, hey.. guess what!? Life is a series of guesses, mistakes, and revisions. We make the best decision we can at that time, and we continue to move forward.
  • I TRUST myself (and my husband on that matter). We’ve been through hard times before, and we pulled out of it. No matter what happens, we both figure out a way to make it work.
  • If things don’t go as I imagined, I won’t make it a big deal. I’m allowed to choose a new goal halfway through. Failure is not a destination, and neither is the success.
  • I just need to stop worrying about getting locked into a position that I can’t escape from. I need to be open for NEW opportunities that arise along my new path and I always need to make sure I have multiple choices.
  • I need to try new things, pursue my dreams and goals. I need to put on the EFFORT to make my life (and life of my family better). The effort is what matters. I believe that if we put the effort to change things in our lives to better, we can GAIN a lot more than we think.

Overcoming fears of change are not an easy task. But it’s important to keep your mind POSITIVE and just take the action. One small step at the time. And we will see whats happens. 

STOP BEING AFRAID OF WHAT COULD GO WRONG AND THINK OF WHAT WILL GO RIGHT. That’s my mantra! If you’re facing changes that scares you, it should be your mantra too. 🙂 

Hugs and kisses. See you next Monday!



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  1. LOVE this! So true! I’m always trying to find ways to think more positively! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Ooooh I love this post. I’m totally a catastrophic thinker – imagining all the worst case scenarios. I need to flip that around and imagine best case!

  3. I think it’s so important to focus on the positive. It’s easy to slip down the rabbit hole of negativity!

  4. Good luck on the move!

  5. Such a great quote. We should all have copies of this printed everywhere.

  6. I use this concept often with clients. So true!

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