Motivation Monday #16

Hi, there beautiful and happy people 🙂 It’s Monday-yay. A brand new week. A new opportunity to be better, to live healthier and to feel AMAZING! How was your week? Have you enjoyed your weekend?

My week was super busy but then my weekend was super relaxing. I love when I have that kind of balance in my life. Last week I published recipe for Berry Banana Breakfast Oat Bars. It seems that it inspired many of you to eat healthily. Some already tried it, and I got positive feedbacks… which is GREAT. That means so much to me. Makes me wanna work harder and bring you even MORE recipes. Also, it seems like you digged my last week Motivation Monday post. Thanks for messages and comments 😉 This motivates me to continue writing and help you with your lifestyle change. I’m grateful for this chance I can help someone change his life – to lose weight and to restore health.

Today I wanna talk to you about mental strength which I find important in the process of lifestyle change.

Three years ago I was morbidly obese with many health problems. I was weak and very insecure. I doubted myself and I believed I can’t do anything to change my miserable life. I seemed ok from the outside, I smiled a lot, but from the inside I was so depressed, so low with self-esteem.

Although I showed many times in my life that I am actually very strong, my husband reminds me all the time on my achievements. One of the greatest was giving birth to my baby boy after doctors gave up on him at the beginning of my pregnancy. I risked my own life for him and after difficult childbirth and complications afterward, now we have a beautiful son. I did that all by myself, no one helped me. But somehow I felt like I don’t have the power to change my body, to lose weight and start living a life I always wanted.

Three years ago something changed in me. I started to feel more and more the burden of my weight. It started compromising my health. I envisioned my future as an obese woman, and I didn’t like what I saw – sick, always tired, stuck in one place woman with the great husband and amazing baby boy who needs his mother. My desire to change grew bigger than staying the same.  I found the strength in me to change my life. I started the changing process.

And here is what helped me build up my mental strength and helped me lose weight and build up my healthy habits. These are my tips. 

  • Stop wasting time feeling sorry for yourself. Life is tough, but you’re tougher. You are STRONG. You CAN do anything in your life. Make a plan, set the goals. And start DOING things. One step at the time. 
  • Embrace the change.The fear of change is paralyzing you, and it’s a major threat to your success and happiness. When you start your change, be flexible and adapt. If something’s not working for you, find another way.
  • Embrace the failure. If you’re on the wrong path, then failure is a good thing. Failure is an opportunity to grow and improve. Your mistakes build you a way for you to succeed. You only fail when you stop trying.
  • Don’t dwell on your mistakes nor the past. Learn from your mistakes. Keep moving. Keep adapting. Look forward.
  • Stop pleasing everyone all the time. You need time for yourself and don’t feel bad about it. Being healthy is the priority in your life. Trust me, people who love you will have understanding and will support you.
  • Exercise. YES! With exercising you’re building up a better body image and self-esteem. You’ll have more confidence, not to mention energy. Also, exercising will fuel you up with endorphins that are like instant positivity. Positivity is much needed for building mental strength.
  • Don’t expect immediate results. Do the best and understand that real change takes time.

It’s TIME for you to start the CHANGE. Make a commitment to do something new today – to start doing something good for your health. What you decide to do now will reflect in your future. If you want to be a happier healthier person, you must change your unhealthy habits! Remember that you’re given this life because you’re strong enough to live it. STOP doubting yourself. 

Monday is a great day to start – a great DAY ONE. Don’t you agree? 



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  1. Thank you sharing your strength and wise words! Change can happen at any time, so why not start today?!

  2. Change is not always easy and as you say lots of ups and downs. That’s what makes it even more rewarding when you get there!

  3. Great reminder Natalie! Change is not an easy thing to embrace – love #2!

  4. Yes. I definitely agree. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to make a change start today.

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