Motivation Monday #12

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Hi, guys! Happy new week to you all.

And here it is.. another Monday. A whole new week. Whoa.. weeks do fly. Right? Hope you all had a great weekend. Did you recharge your batteries? Are you ready for another busy week ahead of us?

My weekend was GREAT. We spend almost all Saturday in family shopping. I LOVE shopping. Especially since I’ve lost all that weight. I can actually FIT in clothes and clothes actually looks great on me now. It’s an amazing feeling. We’ve bought some new clothes, but I’m most excited because I got this amazing new Adidas sneakers for my husband and me. These are really great for everyday walking, running and exercising. Soooo comfortable and lightweight. I bought one last year, and now I got a new one. They are THAT good, yes.

On Sunday I did my usual workout, running + yoga. I was in such pain (sore muscles from last weeks exercising, ouch) but after I had finished all my laps I was really pleased I did that workout. That filled me with incredible energy. I literally jumped out of bed this morning. Those who exercise know the feeling. Those who don’t exercise … hmmm, wait… Why don’t you exercise? Get out of that couch, right now!!! ;)

Anyway, I receive so many messages from you guys, daily. I have several lovely ladies that I coach and motivate. They were all inspired by my story and decided to change their lives too. I’m so PROUD of them. They already have wonderful results. Every day more and more people are joining in and making that change in life.

For those who are still indecisive, I can only say – JUST DO IT! Start the change. What are you waiting for? And for those who are already on that road of changing, it is essential to persist in intention, to always keep that GOAL on the mind. It is important NOT TO GIVE UP when crises strike. And it will strike. It’s a challenge. But not something unendurable.

Get up every morning with determination – I CAN DO THIS! I will succeed. Keep thoughts positive in your head every day… How? I talked about that last Monday. Changing lifestyle, bad habits and losing weight, is more a mental challenge rather than physical one. Though you don’t see a physical change now, with every single minor change you do week after week, you’re doing good for your body. Soon you’ll start to notice differences. Soon you’ll start to feel great and look great.

In those moments of weakness, when you thinking of giving up, just remember WHY you’ve started your change. Think of all the reasons…

  • Because you want to feel physically better.
  • Because you want to be HEALTHY AND HAPPY.
  • Because you want to feel energized every morning.
  • Because you want to shine from inside and out.
  • Because you want to feel beautiful in your own skin.
  • Because you don’t want to eat food that makes you unhappy and unhealthy.

That’s why there’s NO GIVING UP. That’s not even an option. Press forward and push harder. Every day is an opportunity to be better and stronger.

Until next time, stay HAPPY and healthy.

Xoxo, Natalie

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  1. It definitely helps to have your why everyday hope you have a fantastic week

  2. Awesome motivation. I ask myself that all the time and gives me an awesome boost.

  3. Such great reminders and motivation to keep going. I always want to have as much energy as possible!

  4. Those sneakers are cute! (And they sound comfortable, too!) I’m glad you had a good weekend!

  5. I always go back to my why. It’s great motivation.

  6. Definitely the bit of motivation I need to finish my day strong!

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