Monday Motivation #30

Hi and good Monday to you all! I hope you are well rested and super-ready for the new upcoming week. I surely am – pumped up and bursting with energy. I have decided that this week’s going to be AMAZING. You should choose to feel positive too!

I really hope your last week was productive, full of healthy yummy eats followed by the weekend full of fun. That’s basically how my week was. I was super busy and productive whole week. On Monday I published my usual Motivational Monday post and in that post I talked about FAILURE. When do we really fail? Read on, if you haven’t already. I ended up a week with a yummy collection of 15 Healthiest Fall Pumpkin Desserts from my food bloggers friends. I know you may feel fed up with pumpkins, but pumpkins are still in season and sooo healthy. We all should enjoy its sweet benefits as much as we can.

Today I’m gonna talk a bit about NON-SCALE VICTORIES. Yes, non-scale achievements are important too. When we strive to lose weight, we can become obsessed with numbers on the scale. In my opinion, those numbers don’t define us. The numbers are there to show us progress but don’t let those numbers consume you.

When I started my healthier life and my weight loss journey, I haven’t even weigh myself first. Well, I was a bit afraid of the number that scale will show up. But then I realized I don’t have to be scared. It’s just a NUMBER – my starting point. So I weight myself and took all my measures. I decided that I will measure myself once a few weeks, just to track my progress. I agreed that numbers wouldn’t put me down nor decrease my self-esteem.

So after a first few weighing, my scale started to show drops, and soon I began to shrink up. Of course, that encouraged me and gave me a boost BUT also I started to notice some other changes that delighted me even more.

I started to have MORE ENERGY.
I started to enjoy activities that were a struggle before.
Many of my aches and pains stopped.
I didn’t feel so bloated all the time.
I started craving HEALTHY FOOD and rejected unhealthy ones.
… and many more…

These were my TRUE VICTORIES! 

I believe that constantly weighing yourself is a bad representation of your true weight, and can distort your sense of self-worth. Seeing daily weight variations can create fixation and burden. If the scale shows you a “good” lower number, you’ll feel good about yourself. But when the weight drops stop – when you hit a plateau, or when the scale shows a “bad” higher number, than you may feel like you have failed. You entire mood becomes dependent on that scale number. Constantly weighing yourself CAN lead to unhealthy, obsessive eating.

You should look for other things in your life that have improved as you change your lifestyle. Enjoy in process and in your transformation. Remember, non-scale victories are just as important as scale victories… don’t forget to celebrate them too!

Until next Monday, stay HAPPY and healthy. 



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  1. I loved your article and teh perspective it’s written from. There are so many more important things that come from eating right, exercizing and caring from your body, simply than just losing weight. And I’ve also noticed that when I start eating healthier, I crave healthier food and viceversa- so why not choose the better for you option?

  2. Congrats on all your non-scale victories! Those are so much more rewarding that a number on a scale!

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