Monday Motivation #27

Hello, my friends! Happy Monday and happy new week to you all. 🙂 Can you believe it’s Monday already. This morning I was all like “where did my weekend go”? Haha … Coldish and gloomish weather outside definitely wanted me to stay in my bed a bit longer. BUT I got out of my bed in time, I dressed up, did my morning routine, drop my kiddo to school, and now I’m ready to kick off this week. Although I’m a bit low on energy this morning, I’m super positive… And HAPPY! Since it’s Monday, it’s time for me to pass some of that POSITIVITY to you guys.

I hope last week was a blast and that you got rested during the weekend. Well, I had (again) super productive week. I published my usual Monday Motivation post where I talked about nutrition and how eating well IS a teachable skill. + I published the new recipe for immune boosting Tomato Apple Soup made with healing spice TURMERIC. You need to check that soup out. It’s really delicious and super healthy.

As for my weekend… Well, I worked a bit late on Friday night. That drained me and kinda messed up my “no working on weekends” routine that I’m trying to implement last few weeks. But ok. I recharged my batteries on Saturday when I went out with my hubby. We spend an almost whole day together, just the two of us. + It was sunny and warm outside. Just perfect! We went to the local farmers market for groceries. I was amazed by all the colors of the Fall. Also, we found this little coffee shop near our apartment that is just perfect. They have most delicious healthy chocolate cookies. Yum! After that, we went shopping for our kids birthday present and had amazing lunch together. And then on Sunday, we throw this amazing birthday party for our kiddo. We showered him with so much LOVE. Later that evening when we had our usual bedtime group hug, I felt my heart bursting with so much HAPPINESS. My heart opened, and my blood pumped like electricity throughout my body. I felt such a gratitude that I have my beautiful family. I honestly need nothing more in my life.

The weekend was perfect, but it’s not always all so great. I tend to fall under negativity from time to time. It happens to me usually when I overdo with work – when I get super exhausted. I become more open to negative thoughts then. I start doubting and questioning my life. Basically, all that I am. Luckily I have my husband who picks me up. We pick each other up when in need – that’s what we do. And we both have our beautiful baby boy for which we both live. 

Those days when I’m down and low, I just pause my life. I STOP every thought I have. I just look at them both, and it’s like INSTANT REMINDER of all the things that are beautiful in my life. And I feel immediately not better but AMAZING – filled with love, positivity, and HAPPINESS – ready for whatever challenge. My heart is full and in that moment I CHOOSE to be happy.

I genuinely believe that we ALL can achieve happiness and everything we dream of with one simple ingredient – that is a grateful heart. I think that grateful heart is a magnet for HAPPINESS and for miracles.

You are as happy as you decide to be. 😉

Until next Monday, stay HAPPY and healthy. 



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  1. I think it’s true that we all fall victim to negativity sometimes and it happens to me as well when I’m tired or stressed. So many times I’ve wondered how people can just be happy all the time and then it hit me that happiness is a state of mind. It’s a huge learning curve and takes a lot of awareness on positive self talk, but it’s attainable. Great post!

  2. thanks for sharing! I’m constantly working to recognize my feelings & be ok with them. Negativity is sometimes warranted, but then what you do with that negativity is what’s important! I’ve got a few things to think about now 🙂

  3. Yes remembering what is important to me makes my heart warm too. Have a great week

  4. I had a really rough week last week. I couldn’t have chosen to be happy even if I tried. But this is a new week and hopefully things will be better!

  5. Thank you for the Monday motivation!! I always look forward to your motivational posts on social media. I find I’m a lot harder on myself and have more negative thoughts when I get overwhelmed and try to take on too much. I’m really trying to focus on being present in the moment and not getting upset and trying to play catch up after because it ends up backfiring.

  6. yayy for whole day with the weekends have been pretty hectic too and i could use some break for sure..

  7. Love this! Great message and awesome motivation monday! Happiness is a state of mind!

  8. Cheers to choosing happiness! It makes all the difference in the world to look at the positive side of life 🙂

  9. I’ve been right there with you! When stress hits, so does anxiety and it makes me second guess myself entirely! Having a grateful heart really is the best medicine 🙂

  10. What a beautiful beautiful post!! So encouraging!

  11. So true! It’s amazing how your perspective can change when you slow down and focus on the good!

  12. Angela

    So true! Happiness is definitely a decision!! I love this motivational post!!

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