Monday Motivation #26

Hi there, my friends! Happy Monday and happy new week to you all. 🙂 It’s MONDAY-YAY! It’s beautiful, sunny and warm Monday here in Croatia. Fabulous start of the week! I’m bursting with positive energy, and since it’s Monday, it’s time for me to pass some of that POSITIVITY to you guys.

I really hope you all had a fantastic week and that your weekend was no work, just fun! … as it should be. My last week was super busy. I noticed that I’m super productive since we moved to the new office. Every day I finish everything I planned for that day. So when I get home, I can relax and spend time with my kiddo and hubby. We now actually HAVE family time during the weekdays. We didn’t have that before. + I’m happy to announce that I don’t work anymore on weekends either. That’s a HUGE deal for my family and me.

Ok, so last week I was busy writing and publishing my usual Monday Motivation post. In that post, I talked about consistency – in healthy eating and active life, and how it will help you achieve optimal health. + I published the new recipe for incredibly DELICIOUS Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies filled with fall flavors and crunchy peanuts. Yummy! You need to check it out.

As for my weekend, I unplugged myself on Friday and spent a whole weekend offline. It was family weekend in its full meaning. Last week we did tour de Zagreb. This weekend we attended the event in the city center. The Japanese Embassy organized a Japan Day celebration. It was all about ninjas, tea ceremony, making (and eating) sushi, drinking sake. My kiddo loved it. He even tried sushi for the first time. He didn’t quite like it, but my husband DID. Which is totally surprising knowing that he doesn’t like fish AT ALL. We had an amazing time. 

Today I wanna talk to you a bit about food and nutrition. Yeah, that love-hate relationship that makes us all so crazy, so anxious because of all messages bombing us – Eat this! Don’t eat that! – Watch the carbs, control the fat intake, eat your proteins, drink vitamins – It’s absolutely crazy! People are so obsessed with calories and different diets and weight loss these days. They don’t really understand food, nor nutrition nor its true meaning.

Well, I think about food a lot. It is a part of my job,  but also part of my everyday life. I’m not obsessed like I was before. Before nutrition was equal dieting for me. That’s why all my earlier attempts to lose weight failed. Trough last few years since I changed my diet, I’ve reconnected with my body, and I learned so much about food. I discovered NEW foods and ingredients, and I upgraded my cooking skills – I learned to cook food in the new healthier way. By trying new stuff and learning to eat food in different ways I found out what foods fits me and my needs. Now I know what food is good for me and what’s not.

But eating food for your health isn’t just about WHAT you eat. It’s about when you eat, why you eat, and how you eat. For example, if you eat at irregular times, have dinner while you’re distracted or snack because you’re stressed or bored that all affect your health. I learned to eat mindfully, intuitive and in moderation.

In some ways, I RELEARNED what is the food and what’s eating and nutrition. I’ve learned all that because eating well is a teachable skill. The foods that you eat now, that is UNHEALTHY, is just learned, or influenced by junk food industry and can be unlearned. Once you realize that, your life WILL change.

Until next Monday, stay happy and healthy. 



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  1. Choosing foods that are good for us and our bodies is such an adventure. Especially because our bodies change so much over time. It can be frustrating to figure out what works but almost liberating when you figure out your formula!

  2. The Japanese day celebration looks really fun! happy Monday have a great week

  3. It’s so true “learning to live” – food is fuel and LIFE!

  4. The Japan Day celebration sounded like so much fun! Also love the quote at the beginning of your post. Totally agree with it

  5. the Japanese day celebration looked like so much fun! thanks for sharing

  6. with so much information and interest in nutrition, we have over complicated things 🙁

  7. You are so right – our eating habits are a learned skill — and we can keep learning and improving!! Looks like ya’ll had a great time too!

  8. So happy to hear how you’ve repaired your relationship with food and your body. Really inspirational :). It’s never easy!

  9. First, that japan day celebration looks so fun! Second, totally agree with you on the point about nutrition being more than just what you eat. Love your point about intuitive eating; I think that’s so important.

  10. Japan day looks like fun!
    Such good reminders here about nutrition and diets! It can be easy to restrict too much!

  11. What a wonderful experience!

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