Monday Motivation #24

Hi, peeps. Happy Monday and happy new (rainy and coldish) week to you all. 🙂 This Fall is not joking. I’m telling you. It’s HERE! I love Fall, don’t get me wrong – the yellow leafs, foggy Sunday mornings, walking through the earthy smelling forest – but this sudden weather change is just crazy. We jumped from our summer sandals into boots and winter clothes. Crazy!

Anyway, Monday is here, and again I’m here to blab a little about whats happening and to give you a bit of MOTIVATION for the upcoming week. How was your last week guys? How’s returning to healthy routine going? Have you exercised and eat healthy all week? How was your weekend?

My week was great, super busy. Since I settled in new office, it seems like I’m ten times more productive. It’s because I can fully concentrate on my work. Everyone around me is busy, there’s no much time-wasting, which is great. After the super busy week, I had a fantastic weekend. Saturday shopping and lunch with my hubby, following going to my sister-in-law’s birthday party. And then the family Sunday – relaxing, hanging all day in our pJ’s. Yay!

I’ve published Motivation Monday post, like every week. I’m inspired daily by so many things. I’m thankful I can pass a bit of my positivity to you guys. Last week I also did a post about how to Get Back Into A Healthy Routine After Vacation. We ALL need to get back on that HEALTHY train again. + I made this amazing, fragrant and deliciously sweet Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, the PERFECT dessert for welcoming Fall. + I’ve cooked all week all HEALTHY meals for my family and me (win!). As for my workouts, I slacked with running (I still need to get to know my new neighborhood a bit more and find new running route), but I did my usual yoga workouts and some cycling. 

So, last week I got this touching email from a follower asking for help. She struggles with her weight for many years now, and not one diet seems to work for her. She’s obsessed with eating, addicted to sugar and feeding her emotions with food. I recognized so much of ex-me in her email. I know how she feels and how unbelievable is for her to imagine her success. I’ve been there, in her place. I’ve been addicted to food. I’ve been dieting without any results for many many years. I’ve been it that emotional-eating loop. How did I break my addiction and lose more than 100 pounds? It wasn’t any magic, nor pills, nor some magical shake. It was ONLY ME taking control over MY LIFE and MY HEALTH.

That email got me thinking… I think it’s time to start breaking down a common misconception about weight loss – and food in general. When it comes to food, less is not necessarily more. In fact, eating less may be the problem many people don’t actually lose any weight. Most fad diets restrict caloric intake and cut nutrients to an unhealthy level. That kinda diet often leave you feeling hungry, irritated and without energy, anxiously waiting for your next meal. You will lose some weight in the beginning BUT in one point your metabolism will slow down and you will stop losing that weight. That’s when people give up on dieting. They feel disappointed and generally bad about themselves. Eating less to lose weight it just isn’t the sustainable way of living.

If you want to lose weight in a HEALTHY way (and keep healthy weight afterward) you have to commit to making a lifelong change to your health. You need to develop the new way of eating and change perspective on the food you eat every day. You need to develop new HEALTHY EATING habits. Once you begin to eat healthier, nutrient-dense foods, you will feel full with much smaller portions. You will find that even 500 calories are a lot. It’s important to understand what type of calories you’re getting. Understanding how food fuels your body is the key here. 

Remember, there’s no QUICK FIX! You will have to work on new healthier you. You will need to relearn all about food – what to eat, when to eat. It’s one BEAUTIFUL process in which you will rediscover food and yourself. Don’t rush it! Enjoy and celebrate it.

Stay happy and healthy. See you next Monday!



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  1. Congrats on the new office! I know how refreshing that can feel. I’m transferring to a new one myself and I am so excited! Weight loss is not easy either. It takes hard word and dedication, like you said. Not some pill.

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