Monday Motivation #23

Hi, guys! Happy (rainy and coldish) new week to you all. Can you believe it’s Monday already?! Like, where did my Sunday gone?! Today you may need one extra cup of tea or coffee to get you started (like me), but nevertheless, it’s a GREAT day, and it’s going to be one AMAZING week. πŸ˜‰ How was your last week? Busy or more relaxing? Have you enjoyed your weekend?

My week was super busy, but then I spent all weekend with my family. School has started on Monday, and I can officially say our kiddo LOVES his new school and the teacher. He already found some new friends, which was very important for us for him to fit in this new surroundings and feel accepted. Me and my hubby, we finally get settled in our new office. Everything here is so different, so Google-like, so modern. We both love it. There’s a lot of companies working in the same building, mostly young people. I finally have a feeling like I’m going to a real job every morning. I feel like I’m more productive surrounded with all these working people. And I actually am.

Last week I published my usual Monday Motivation post – to get you started in the new week (like I always do on Monday’s). I also made this illustrated guide on What’s in the season for month SEPTEMBER. I hope you find it helpful. And then I rounded up a week with the new amazing recipe for Pineapple Peach Smoothie Bowl which you TOTALLY need to try before peach season ends. It’s soooo good and so HEALTHY!

All this process of moving was quite exhausting (and stressful). I still wonder how we managed to pull all this off, physically. And then I talked to my husband the other day, and we both came to a conclusion – if we weren’t fit and fueling our bodies with healthy nutritious food every day, if we were still overweight like we were three years ago, it would be probably ten times harder for us to bear all this. We are fit now. We are HEALTHY. Our bodies are fueled with nutrients, not empty calories. That’s why it was easier for us to physically withstand it all.

Our body is our temple. Choosing to eat healthy foods correlates to respecting yourself enough to give your body what it needs to flourish. Eating well, to me, IS a form of self-respect. I CHOOSE to give my body the best possible fuel it needs to do the job!

Just think about this for a sec… We buy ourselves the finest clothes. We have the desire to drive safest cars and live in nices homes. But why do we neglect and disrespect ourselves when it comes to food we consume? We NEED to start caring about what enters our bodies. Next time you have a CRAVING for a sugary piece of cake or junky fast food burger, ask yourself – is this how I want to treat my body? Is this me showing a SELF RESPECT?!

I think this quote should be on most of our fridges. It might help us to make better choices everyday. 

Stay happy and healthy. See you next Monday!



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  1. I love this so much, Natalie! It’s always good to remember that what we put in our body reflects what we think of it. Let’s love it well!

  2. true! Very interesting post

  3. I totally agree with your awesome writeup!!! Thanks.

  4. I totally agree! We need to be good to ourselves, which means fuelling with the very best! Glad the transition to the new office went well πŸ™‚

  5. Definitely choosing to fuel your body with healthy foods is a way of honoring yourself and showing that you matter. Have a great week

  6. I agree with treating our body as a temple! And it’s interesting how this relates to what the pastor at my church pointed out this past Sunday – how our body is sacred and we should treat it as such. Powerful quote!

    • The food we eat determinates how our life will be. If we are healthy we can devote ourselves to our family, friends, love and all the beautiful things we are put on earth for. πŸ™‚

  7. I love this mindset!! And I totally agree. I eat healthy not to punish myself but to reward my body for all the great things it does for me every day.

  8. Great message! Totally agree about choosing the kind of foods that will make your body feel good (in the long term, not just immediate sense) and stay healthy.

  9. what i eat is a true reflection of how i feel…i have learned to feed my body and honor cravings and its been a great experience.

  10. fueling our bodies well is so important!

  11. I’m usually really good about what I put into my body. Today I failed. I was super amped up/nervous about a program I was putting on for the first time and I just never got hungry. I’ll do better tomorrow.

  12. You said it. Putting good food in your body is showing it mad props!

  13. That’s a really great way to look at how and what we eat! Thanks so much!

  14. It’s all in how we love and care of our total body. Now I have the Aretha Franklin song in my head.

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