5 pancake Recipe Ideas to delight your family!

Pancake Day is just a flip away!

Blueberry Banana Pancakes 


Pancake Day is fast approaching and it's time to dust out our pancake pans. Here are some delicious pancake ideas for you to try!

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These Blueberry Banana Pancakes are a perfect family treat packed full of flavor. Sweet, fluffy, and incredibly satisfying.


These Chocolate Pancakes are too good to be true. They are thick, fluffy, and loaded with dark chocolate flavor. 


These pancakes are amazing. Fluffy, sweet, loaded with flavor. Incredibly delicious! And made without added sugars!


Ready to completely rock Pancake Day?! Try these Matcha Pancakes. They are sweet, vanilla flavored, and filled with spinach & matcha!  


Carrot cake fans, rejoice! These Carrot Cake Pancakes are a clever way to enjoy your favorite cake straight in the morning.

Add what you need to your shopping list and get your menu sorted for the 1st of March. Happy flipping!