Motivation Monday #15

Last week we had some holidays here in Croatia. And while many people celebrated days off I kinda hated it because, a) I’m not anywhere near the coast nor the see, b) because days off ruined my whole eating/exercising routine and completely disrupted me. I’ve lost track of what day it is. Actually, today I don’t feel like it’s Monday at all. Honestly, not sure how to feel – Yay or Nay about that fact. :P

Anyway, how was your weekend guys? Did you fuel your batteries to super full? 

My weekend was FANTASTIC! I attended Food Blogging Conference Zagreb. I had a chance to meet all my wonderful food bloggers friends that I knew only virtually till now. There was some amazing food made by Instagram star Sara Milletti, followed by food photography workshop by Katharina Boden. It was really great!

Last week I kinda slacked with my workouts. I did only two runs because of a hectic week and unbearable hot temperatures. I’m not so happy about it, so today I decided to put the exercise on the top of my priorities… besides healthy eating every day of course. ;) So my message today is short – if you haven’t already, make an exercise your priority! No matter how busy you are, or how hot it’s outside, get off that couch and start moving. Physical activity is so IMPORTANT for your health. 

If you haven’t know, but I kinda doubt that, exercise reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular problems. Exercise makes our body healthy and strong. Most importantly, regular activity improves the quality of life. 

Also exercise changes levels of chemicals in our brains, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones. I talked about that last week and I told you that after running I feel fantastic, exhausted but somehow full of energy. I told you how running keeps me sane. That’s chemicals baby, yes! I’m hooked on that great feeling. :) 

To maintain good health and reduce risk of health problems, health professionals recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Walking, bike riding, running, fitness, yoga… 30 minutes a day. You think you don’t have time? FIND THE TIME! You’re doing this for yourself. For your health. 

Doing ANY physical activity is better than doing none. 

Workout because you love yourself, your body. Not because you hate it. Exercise for the feeling that healthy lifestyle gives you. Your body will reward you with lots of energy if you workout. Trust me. 

I’ll be outside running tonight … And what about you? Where will you be?

Until next Monday… Hugs and kisses.



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  1. I love working out, I miss lifting on ‘rest’ days. And I agree, running/cardio makes me boneless but pumped. I wake up early in the morning to get it done so I can’t make excuses ?

  2. I needed this motivation today – thank you for sharing your insights and encouragement!

  3. That conference sounds really interesting. I am not sure I realized you lived over there

    • Hehe yes! It was such a fun. Someday maybe I come visit some food blogging conference in US. Then we can all get to know each other ;) I love meeting my colleagues, food/lifestyle bloggers.

  4. Totally agree! We have to keep motivating ourselves to keep moving!

  5. I love focusing on the positive aspect of your body and life instead of the negative. Working out should make you feel great!

  6. I love this mindset! I have to schedule my workouts in or I totally skip them. I think the best part of working out is how my mind clears during exercise and the clarity I feel afterward!

    • I absolutely agree with you Kalee. I feel energized although I’m completely exhausted, and my mind is clear of all worries, problems and negative thoughts. It’s fantastic! Exercising is the best anti-stress medicine :D

  7. Such a great message and I couldn’t agree more! I love blogger meet ups, sounds like a great weekend.
    We were out of state for my oldest daughter’s soccer tournament so we didn’t get back until midnight so my 5:30am class wasn’t happening since I needed to try to catch up on some sleep. Not normal for me but trying to prioritize sleep and balance. The girls and I did get out for a nice walk around the pond today though so that was nice.

    • Yes, blogger meet up was such a fun. Seams I’m not only one with busy/crazy but super FUN schedule ;) As long as we get back on track, that great. Right?!

  8. I was sick with a stomach bug all last week and really missed my workouts. I finally was feeling better today and cycled for a while – it was so nice to get back to it and have that time to clear my mind.

  9. Thank you for this reminder! I need to get back on my regular workout schedule! :]

  10. Such a great reminder Natalie! It’s all about doing what makes you feel good!

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