Motivation Monday #13

Happy Monday peeps !!!

Another sunny and warm weekend is behind us. I hope you had a great weekend and that you’re well rested because it’s Monday baby!  A brand new week is ahead of us, and it’s time to jump onto new week challenges.

I’m here to motivate you and push you a bit (just in case you’re slacking)… into the right direction, of course.

My weekend was GREAT! We spend two whole days at my parent’s house. My brother and his family came, all family together under one roof. There was a lot of food, of course. A lot of fun and some relax time. I detached from the internet for a few days. I really need that because my last week was hectic (hmm… like pretty much every week hehe ). Everyday tasks, working, family time, cooking, school, workouts,… among everything, publishing the new recipe and organizing a GIVEAWAY for you guys (if you haven’t entered yet, you still can do it HERE). The time did fly like crazy, and sometimes it seemed like days are too short for everything that I need to do. But at the end of the day, I somehow manage to pull it all (or at least those most important tasks… I’m not superwoman, you know! ).

At the end of each working day, when I realize that I have done all my tasks + I have eaten healthy all day + I have finished my workout + I have spent (short but) quality time with my family, that motivates me to continue the same next day. I’m a determent to stay productive every day, to continue to eat healthily and do my workouts. That charges me with much needed positive energy. And that is one amazing feeling.

It may seem difficult to plan and execute all daily tasks, to stay on healthy track, to “squeeze” at some point of the day that workout. But it isn’t really. I think that a healthy way of life can be achieved even if you’re super busy. You just need to organize your time a bit better and have a daily / weekly plan of all your activities.

For example, instead of watching TV, I sit on weekends and plan my weekly family menu and do meal preps for the week. That eliminates every day stress regarding preparing family dinner and concerns will we all eat healthy throughout the week. It’s super easy to set that plan.

As far as exercising is concerned, it is even easier because it does not require any preparing. Just set one time at the day as exercising time and stick to it. Now, in the summertime when the days are longer, you can squeeze workouts even late in the evening. Me and my husband just both agree on what time we will go to the park. He likes walking with our kid, and I do my running. We just get out of that couch, put on our sneakers and go. Super easy.

You need to put that effort and work every day on healthier and happier you. You need to make “this” your lifestyle. Make it a habit. Like brushing teeth every morning. Because when you make it a habit, then everything is easy.

Be DETERMINED to lead this kind of life every day. Because you want to be healthy. Because you want to have more energy. You want to feel better, and look better. At evening when you lay in your bed, you will feel proud. You will feel SATISFACTION and not guilt.

Hugs and kisses. See you next Monday!



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  1. Hey Natalie, Love your Monday Motivation posts that you started. It’s always nice to hear some inspirational words and see what works for other people. :) :) Have a Happy rest of the week!

  2. I agree. Huh! I really need to decide on a day to do my meal preps. This way I won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week. During the week I will usually pick foods that will take very little effort to prepare. I do this so that I won’t be taken away from my work for too long. It’s all a work in progress. :-)

    Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  3. I absolutely love the message at the beginning- wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. I think the key is to make taking care of yourself a priority because then all other things go well.

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