Motivation Monday #11

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Hi, guys! Happy new week to you all.

How was your weekend? Did you fuel your batteries to super full? Are you ready for a new shiny weekend ahead of us? Let me hear about your weekend in comments below.

Well, my weekend was fabulous. Hmm ok, maybe your understanding of fabulous is a bit different from mine. I’m calling a weekend fabulous when I don’t jump out of my bed right with the sunrise and when I get a good night sleep… AND when I spend my morning in pajama.  And that was exactly what I did this Sunday. I was sleeping late, and then I spend some good amount of time cuddling with my boys.. in BED… in my pajama… and later perfect family Sunday dinner, just the three of us. That’s what’s charged my batteries, and I’m soo ready for this week. (It will last me till Wednesday, but OK heheh)

Today I decide to shake you up a bit.

I often hear people nagging and saying: Oh, I have so many pounds to lose. Oh, how I’m going to do this. Oh, I’ve been on so many diets, none of them worked. Oh, I CAN’T do this! Oh.. Oh… Oh… nagging… nagging… nagging! And ok, I understand. I’ve been THE SAME. I’ve been telling myself the same negative thoughts, and it was on repeat so I actually started to believe that. I thought there was no hope for me, that I couldn’t change anything. I believed I needed a personal trainer to get me to workout, nutritionists to plan my meals… I thought I need an army of people to get me to do something with myself. But I WAS WRONG!

The truth is, that neither the best trainers nor the top nutritionists can help you, absolutely NO ONE if you don’t start the change by yourself – for yourself. You need to make that first step forward. Remember, we talked about this last Monday.

As long as you have a NEGATIVE attitude towards your so-called “situation” – you CAN’T, you DON’T KNOW how, you WON’T succeed – well nothing will change.
Once you stop nagging and stop being negative, things will start to happen. Instead of nagging, FOCUS on the everyday positive habits you can implement to make your life healthier. Like…

?  Today I will eat only healthy food.

?  Today I will go for a walk.

?  Today I will eat my veggies.

?  Today I will drink my eight glasses of water.

?  Today I will be happy and think positive thoughts.

Did you know that it takes only 21 days to create a habit? ONLY 21 days of repeating the same routine every day: healthy meals, exercising, thinking positive. Just don’t create restrictions in your head like “Oh, I CAN’T eat that.” Instead, focus on the powerful choices you are making. Be positive and proud. In 3 weeks you will start noticing the difference. Just believe in yourself! It might just happen that you lose your bad habits without even trying.

You still think you CAN’T do this? Let me hear you…. well I thought so!

Hugs and kisses. See you next Monday!

Until then, write to me in comments or by email. I loveeee connecting!


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  1. Natalie YESSS! I love everything about this post because you are 100% right. Nothing will change if you don’t even WANT the change. & making those positive affirmations are a good way to start this new journey. “I WILL meal prep all my healthy foods today” is mine because meal prep keeps me on track. Awesome advice! Xo.

    • Thank you Jaimee so much :) Yes, meal prepping should definitely be on that list. It’s s GREAT way to stay on track with healthy meals.

  2. Great advice here Natalie!! I wholeheartedly agree that life shouldn’t be about restrictions and I find it’s much easier to motivate myself when the process is positive and I’m choosing to do things rather than making myself!

  3. I so agree with this! I tried to lose weight for years calorie counting and it just made me feel disappointment in myself (plus it didn’t work). I’ve lost 6kg so far this year just by doing the things you mention (and eating off a smaller plate). Great article!

    • Thank you so much, Kate :) It’s all in our minds, and as with other things in life, we just need to be positive and relax about it ;)

  4. I agree with the kicking the habit in 21 days. I tried a sugar detox for 21 days and it helped me kick my sugar habit.

    • Added sugar is THE worst. It took me a bit longer than 21 day to detox completely but it was worth it :) My life is sooo much better now that I don’t crave sugary food anymore. Not to mention I feel great!

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