Motivation Monday #10

Hi, guys! Happy new week to you all. ?

My week started with gloomy clouds and rain pouring outside. It was hard to separate myself from warm, cozy bed this morning. But morning yoga, warm cup of chamomile ginger tea and healthy breakfast changed everything to better in no time + kisses and morning family hugs can quickly fix even the gloomiest day. ☺️

How was your weekend? Hope you had a great time and that you recharged your batteries to full.

My weekend was really great. I’ve worked all day on Saturday but then the evening was fantastic. Just me and my hubby, on a cozy couch, movie, pizza and these amazing brownies. No kid-weekend. Perfect! Sunday was reserved for family gathering, the celebration of Mother’s Day, and grandmother’s 85th birthday. Such family occasions always fill me up with positive energy.

On Monday I’m always sharing some of my positive energy with you guys. Every Monday I encourage you to live healthier and be happier in your life. We all know that way to happiness is health. When your body is healthy and in balance, you are bursting with energy and self-confidence. You have that feeling that you can achieve absolutely everything! You are unstoppable.

I know that many of you are still mentally blocked, thinking that you can’t do it. Many are still looking for some magical solution. I’m telling you again – there’s no such thing as magic pill!

But I actually think that many of you just didn’t set a clear GOAL. You didn’t ask yourself the right question – WHY?

“Why do I want to eat healthy?” Because healthy food supplies you with nutrients that give you energy, and every unhealthy calorie that you eat affects your body and may lead you to many diseases.

Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. (~ Heather Morgan)

“Why do I need to lose that excess weight?” Because every excess pound you have is the burden for your body. Your body is overloaded and can’t work properly.

Losing weight is more a mental challenge rather than a physical. You CAN lose that weight!

“Why do I need to exercise or be more active?” Because physical activity triggers your metabolism and all the processes in your body. Because your heart, your bones, your spine will thank you for that.

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.

You need to set a clear GOAL to yourself – I want to be healthy and happy! When will you achieve that? In time… but you need to take the first step toward your new healthier happier life. You can start making some healthy decisions TODAY! Right now! Like… I’ll stop drinking soda. I’ll stop nibbling unhealthy snacks. I’ll go for a 30-minute walk outside. That doesn’t sound THAT terrible or hard. But you must make that change now. We all can achieve anything we want. Limitations exist only in our heads. Mentally! If you invest your energy every day to achieve the intended goal, the transformation will inevitably happen. And then changes happen. I’m here as living proof.

Hugs and kisses. See you next Monday!

Until then, write to me in comments or by email. I loveeee connecting! ❤️

Xoxo, ?❤️


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