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Let’s face it. Your life won’t change to better if you don’t put some work into it. Since it takes time to build new healthier habits, keeping yourself motivated during that time can be a quite challenging. That’s why I’m sharing with you few tips how to keep yourself motivated while you’re on your journey to happier healthier you. + Get motivated with today’s quote!

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Happy Monday guys and happy new week to you all. How are you doing?

I haven’t done Motivation Monday for long, long time. Yup, last Motivation Monday post was like what… month ago?! I talked then about my goals for 2018 and how taking good care of yourself means also giving the best of YOU to people you love too. That’s super important and actually that’s something that keeps me motivated. At the beginning of the year I also talked about 12 Better Eating Resolutions That Will Make You Healthier. I know that many of you decided to start the change and many of you are sticking to your resolutions. That’s GREAT guys! Give yourself a high five – YOU ROCK!

But how many of you are still slacking or not sticking to your resolutions? Yeah, I know… It’s freaking hard to change old habits. I’ve been there so I know ALL about it. I haven’t woke up one day and miraculously started to love healthy food and be happier person. It took me quite a time and few trials and errors until I figured it all out + lots of motivation and support. So my best advice is to find good motivation and keep it.

Since it takes time to build new routine and “new you”, keeping yourself motivated all the time can be tricky. Good news is that there’s a numerous ways to keep yourself motivated and on track with your lifestyle change. I have for you few tips on how to keep that motivation up and running. These simple tips are easy to follow… and with just a few you can be back on track and charged with positivity. Here they are:

  • Close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals. Visualize yourself happy and healthy, skinny, confident (or whatever your goal is).
  • Take small steps. You don’t have to immediately throw yourself on healthy eating and heavy exercising. Just take baby steps, one day at the time, one new healthy decision at the time.
  • Try something new today. New a recipe with some new superfood, like Peanut Butter Maca Overnight Oats, or maybe yoga.
  • Take a walk in a park, and let nature reset your mind. Breathe.
  • Get more sleep. Sleep deprivation could be making you less motivated.
  • Have a cup of Cacao Turmeric Maca Hot Chocolate. It will boost you with energy and uplift your mood.
  • Sit down and make a to-do list. You’ll feel encouraged as you cross off items.
  • Make a meal plan for a week. Shop for groceries and have everything prepared. Grab my FREE Weekly Meal Planner to help you with that. Meal planning will save you from stressing over what to eat for dinner and keep you on healthy eating track. Stress kills motivation.
  • Make motivating yourself into a habit.
  • Get a friend or spouse to join you on your healthy journey. This will make everything you do more enjoyable.
  • Let go of your fears. STOP doubting and start making changes!
  • Focus on the positive instead of the negative.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Compete against yourself.
  • If you fail, pick yourself up and keep going. We all fail sometimes. Remind yourself that it’s better to try and fail than living with regrets of never trying.
  • Write down a few things you’re grateful for. If you have a more positive mindset, you’ll find yourself more motivated.

Remember… YOUR LIFE DOESN’T GET BETTER BY CHANCE. IT GETS BETTER BY CHANGE. You want that change. You need that change. Trust me – it feels GREAT changing you life and live healthier. So START that change. Keep yourself motivated everyday. You doing this for HEALTHIER and happier you. Have in mind that only thing keeping you stuck in place is your bad habits and THAT my friend, you CAN change. You are in control of that.

Until next time, stay HAPPY and healthy.

Xoxo, Natalie

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  1. Exactly, even now in the beginning of 2018 we all had made so many resolution, and it’s been 4 months and how many will be there, who have followed the same.IO could say only few. At the beginning we will follow but after few days we will get back to previous times and we will just forget our resolution. So taking good care of yourself means also giving the best of YOU to people you love too, take actions and do work hard.

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