Monday Motivation #31

Monday Motivation quote is all about POSITIVITY, healthy living, healthy eating and positive attitude towards life. Be inspired with this weeks new quote!

Monday motivation quote about POSITIVITY, healthy living, healthy eating, self care

Hi, peeps! Happy Monday and happy new week to you all. How are you feeling today? I’m pretty good .. well now I am. But actually, I woke up this morning pretty grumpy. Yeeeahh… like super grumpy! Felt like I didn’t get enough sleep, although I did get a full eight hours of sleep (which is more than enough for me). And so I sat on the edge of my bed all grumpy and sloppy… and I said to myself – What?! I won’t let my day be like this. I’m no gloomy, grumpy person. I have NO reason to feel like this – I had good night sleep, I’m feeling healthy, everything’s a-okey. That’s when I decided that I wouldn’t allow rain and grumpiness overtake my morning … and my day. 

So I sipped a glass of water and did my morning yoga routine. Afterward, I had amazing French Toast Vanilla Muffins for breakfast which immediately made my day better (I topped with fresh fruits.. yummy!). Now I’m super pumped with positivity and ready for the upcoming (busy) week. I bet you can feel my energy. Hehe 🙂

Anyway, I really hope you had amazing last week and relaxed (family) weekend. Last week I didn’t write much on my blog, except my usual Monday Motivation post. But will write more this week. I have some pretty neat post coming out this week – some TIPS how to stay healthy this Holidays. Also, I have one amazing fall salad recipe coming out this Friday. Well, the reason for my slacking is … I’m working on my first ebook. Oh my Gosh, YES! I’m sooo excited. I still have like zillion things to do. I have so many fears, of course. I totally think about giving up – on a daily basis. BUUUT I’m doing IT guys! I’m pushing on with this. There’s no turning back now – well I just announced it to the whole world hahah 😀

Creating this ebook is a big deal to me because since I started my blog, I wanted to do it. It’s like “next step” for me and naturally since I’ve NEVER done anything like this before I have FEARS. Technicality is killing me, but I TRUST MYSELF. I already proved myself that I can learn anything – when I started blogging, I didn’t know zip about blogging and here I am – blogging, growing. I have fears that I will not succeed… I fear I will fail. But guess what?! It’s ALL normal to doubt things. I won’t let negativity block my focus and sabotage me from seeing and progressing towards my future possibilities.

This is a challenge for me, like for someone is losing weight, or starting new healthier habits, or running a marathon. No matter how hard it seems – how many obstacles we see if front of us now, we must PUSH FORWARD with our DREAMS. The action is one thing we need to take. I’ve said to myself – if I don’t try it, I’ll never know. So it’s happening whether I want it or not + my hubby won’t let me give up, like no way. 😉

No matter if you’re struggling to lose weight, or eat healthier or exercise more, remember it’s important to start somewhere. Start and build your new routines slowly. Take action whenever you can and be persistent. You CAN reach your goals. And you WILL DO IT if you just stay positive and work for your dreams.

Until next Monday, stay HAPPY and healthy. 



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  1. Great advice. 🙂 We can think and plan and dream as much as we want but in the end it all needs to come together with action. Best of luck with your eBook!

  2. Yes, I can totally feel your energy! I’m with you – it’s all about taking action. Even if the steps are small. Just keep moving!

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