Monday Motivation #25

Hi, my friends. Happy Monday and happy new week to you all. 🙂 Fall is officially HERE. YEY! I haven’t been so excited about season changing, especially coming of Fall, since I was, like what – a KID! Pumpkins, yellow leafs, earthy smelling forest … even gloomy skies … just beautiful. I LOVE it! Maybe my excitement has something to do with the fact that my life changed so much since we moved to big city. Everything is so new and exciting here. So is the Fall.

Anyways … it’s Monday, and like every Monday, I’m here to give you guys some MOTIVATION for the upcoming week … and to send you some POSITIVITY along your way. I got a comment recently that my Motivation Monday posts always give you guys something to think about. That’s good! I want to trigger you to think about your health. That’s the whole POINT of my blog, and me blabbing!

So, how was your last week? How did you spend your weekend? My week was great. I caught some cold on Tuesday, but I didn’t let sickness overtake my body nor my mood. I just took a double dose of Spiced Broccoli Soup, and I was all-righty on Thursday. On Monday I published my usual Motivational Monday post, and in that post, I’ve talked about why diets don’t work and how to lose weight HEALTHY way. + I made this AMAZING collection of Fall Soups And Stews Recipes from food bloggers around the world. You totally need to check these soups out! They are all so sooo good.

As for the weekend, I unplugged myself on Friday and spent a whole weekend offline and with my family. We did a tour through Zagreb’s old city center – and ended up at Zagreb Burger Festival

Ok, so today I wanna talk to you about consistency a bit. I think that my consistency in healthy eating and active lifestyle was the thing that truly helped me lose my weight. I was consistent. I was persistent. And I believed I CAN succeed. But I was never EXTREME in anything. I wasn’t on any extreme diet nor I ever did some intense workouts or workouts I don’t like. I chose to eat healthy REAL food. I chose workouts that I enjoy.

People think that following a HEALTHY DIET is extreme and that I only eat raw salads and cooked chicken meat. People think I never have a dessert, or ice cream, or burger. That’s not true. I LOVE Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies and Carrot Cake. And I do love my Turkey Burger. But I don’t eat a whole plate, nor I eat two burgers. I eat healthy food in moderation, and I’m consistent in that lifestyle. People also ask me do I ever “treat” myself with unhealthy food like sugary ice cream or fatty burger. First, I don’t consider that as a “treat” – junk food is a junk food, bad for my health. THAT isn’t a TREAT for me.

Like this weekend for instance. We walked through the city, and we went to ice cream shop. Instead of ice cream, I took sugar-free, dairy-free smoothie. We went to Burger Festival. Instead of classic burger topped with mayo, I took a veggie burger with healthier toppings. Both times I chose a healthier option. There’s always an option you can choose from. ALWAYS. You can keep your consistency in every situation. That will make you succeed.

Until next Monday, stay happy and healthy. 



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