French Toast Vanilla Muffins baked in the oven, fat-free and just delicious. Perfect kid-friendly HEALTHY breakfast! CLICK to read recipe or PIN for later! via #healthy #breakfast #lowfat #sugarfree #kidfriendly

French Toast Vanilla Muffins

Oven baked French Toast Vanilla Muffins are perfect EASY breakfast your whole family will love. Soft, delicious and healthier than classic French Toast. Whole Grain, fat-free, refined sugar-free and just yummy. Isn’t it the French Toast like the BEST breakfast ever? I mean I love having Coffee Chocolate Smoothie or […]

Leeks Ginger Egg Bake |

Leeks Ginger Egg Bake

Leeks ginger egg bake fragrant, nutritionally rich and healthy winter dish, easy to prepare and a perfect for light lunch or breakfast. The other day I bought beautiful leeks at the local market. Leeks are now in season, which means you can buy it just everywhere, in markets and in […]

Dark Rye Bread with Cocoa

Homemade Dark Rye Bread with Cocoa

Homemade dark rye bread with unsweetened defatted cocoa and buttermilk, fantastic and full in flavor, a bit sweet, but with special bitterness, and divinely fragrant. Great for your holiday table. And here I am again… making a bread 🙂 On cold and gloomy autumn days like this, I somehow love […]

Juicy, nutritious and very healthy apple carrot muffins made with whole wheat flour and healthy fats. You can serve these sweet and fragrant bites in the morning for breakfast or have as a dessert with your coffee or tea. Click to read more or PIN for later!

Healthy Apple Carrot Muffins

Soft inside and beautifully flavored, these Healthy Apple Carrot Muffins are perfect treat. These muffins are made with ALL NATURAL healthy ingredients, super nutritious and loaded with healing spice CINNAMON. Wholegrain, refined sugar-free and just delicious, these muffins are great breakfast or afternoon snack.  After a series of recipes for savory […]

Spicy Ginger Banana Smoothie

Spicy Ginger Banana Smoothie

A powerful sweet but spicy ginger banana smoothie to fight flu and cold but allso to relief stomach and digestive issues. Ginger and turmeric are one of “must have spices” for everyday healthy cooking. Aromatic and spicy, both ginger and turmeric adds a special flavor to any of stir-fries and […]

Banana coconut carob smoothie

If you love classic milkshakes you’ll probably will love this healthy alternative to chocolate milkshake. This sweet smoothie is actually so healthy you can have it for breakfast everyday. It contains lots of fibers and it’s naturally sweetened with carob and banana. Carob gives this smoothie a unique flavor, something […]